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We Care Home & Away

Your Gateway to a Truly Inclusive and Accessible Tourist Destination in France

Redefining Travel Accessibility for All

Invest in a vision where every journey is an inclusive memory

Pioneering Inclusive Travel Ventures at We Care Home & Away

We're not just in the business of travel; we're on a mission to redefine the very essence of inclusive tourism. Founded on a passion for breaking barriers and fostering unforgettable experiences, we invite investors to join us in pioneering a new era of travel accessibility.

What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to our founding principles. Shaped by our combined lived-in experiences, our journey is fueled by the desire to empower individuals who face unique challenges in their travel endeavors.
Our founder's personal narrative, evolving from post-injury resilience to navigating the joys and complexities of parenting a neurodiverse child, defines the compassionate spirit that drives us. Investing with us is an opportunity to be part of a venture that transcends profit margins. It's a chance to contribute to a venture with a human touch, where every decision is infused with empathy, understanding, and a commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those who often find traditional travel options limiting.

Two people outside together

A Word From Our Founder

Hear our story first-hand and learn more about us personally. We feel it important to showcase exactly why this issue is so close to our hearts --  there is no one who knows the experience and potential struggles faced by those with disabilities more than the disabled community themselves. Thank you for your time; we hope you will embark on this journey with us.

Why invest in us?

 We Care Home & Away offers a unique investment opportunity to revolutionise inclusive travel. Focused on creating fully accessible destinations for the pan-disabled community in France, we transition from expat care to offer unparalleled leisure experiences.


Unique Market Position


Strategic Location


Expansion Plans and Investor Network

We Care Home & Away presents a unique investment opportunity by shifting its focus to provide leisure and tourist accommodation exclusively for the pan-disabled community. With a commitment to inclusivity, our strategic vision aims to create a fully accessible, barrier-free tourist destination that caters to the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities.

Our first property, strategically located in a small market town in Normandy, serves as the foundation for our inclusive vision. Normandy's proximity to the United Kingdom (186 miles or 300 km across the channel) makes it easily accessible without the need for flying, a crucial factor for individuals who face challenges with long-distance travel.

While upgrading our current property is underway, our future endeavors involve actively building a network of investors to facilitate the purchase of a unique destination. This acquisition will position us as pioneers in providing inclusive holiday experiences for families across generations.




Our robust business plan is rooted in a survey conducted over five years ago, focusing on the three most critical considerations for the SCI, deaf/blind, and neurodiverse communities. This extensive research forms the blueprint of our project, ensuring that our offerings align precisely with the unique needs of our target audience.

What sets us apart is the founder's personal journey, encompassing diverse phases of life, from post-injury resilience to parenting a neurodiverse child. This lived-in experience provides a genuine understanding of the specific needs and desires of our target demographic, shaping our commitment to delivering an authentic and personalized travel experience.

Property Selection Process

Founder's Lived-In Experience

Comprehensive Research

Our meticulous property selection process involves exploring various options, from a retreat for the Catholic clergy to a campsite near Cherbourg. The recent acquisition of The Courtyard Garden apartment in Normandy, following trials with diverse guests, underscores the necessity for a purpose-built property. This insight positions us to construct a destination tailored to our specifications.


Catering to Diverse Needs


Strong Track Record and Vision


Inclusive Vision with Lasting Impact

We Care Home & Away's shift in focus comes with a strong track record of delivering care to the expat community in France. The transition to exclusive leisure and tourist accommodation for the disabled community is a strategic move aligned with societal needs and an untapped market demand.

Investing in We Care Home & Away means becoming a part of a venture with a purpose. Your investment will not only yield financial returns but also contribute to the creation of a world where every journey is a celebration of diversity and inclusion, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Our proposal includes features to cater to diverse needs, such as private spaces for neurodiverse individuals to cook familiar meals, quiet areas for relaxation away from crowds, and accommodations designed for accessibility. These considerations ensure that every guest, irrespective of their abilities, can enjoy a comfortable and personalized holiday experience.

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